Our Approach

We take a holistic approach to making quality primary healthcare available and accessible to underserved populations. Our unique model is informed by our practical, on-the-ground experience.
  • Public-Private Partnerships - Bring together the infrastructure and reach of the government healthcare system with the implementation experience of the healthcare industry, the innovations being developed by entrepreneurs, and the resources of international agencies and global corporations and philanthropists in first-of-their-kind formal partnerships.
  • Identify and Scale Innovation - Identify and leverage the most promising innovators in the primary healthcare field. Demonstrate the impact of their innovations utilizing the WISH-operated public health centers as 'test-beds' or 'social-labs,' and scale successful innovations within the public health system. Develop Knowledge Hubs to showcase and share ideas, address barriers to scale, facilitate knowledge sharing and connect innovators with potential investors.
  • Affordability - Provide free primary care to underserved communities, with a cost to the government and donors, achieved through a combination of cost-reducing technologies, increased efficiency and economies of scale, and better systems for accountability and governance.
  • Sustainability and Scalability - Create processes that ensure long-term success through monitoring, evaluation and cost reductions. MoU's with State Governments ensure that their Health priorities are maintained; and that successful models are embedded and scaled by the respective governments.
  • In the five years since WISH was launched, this model has enabled us to deliver over 10 million primary healthcare services to the people in most need in rural and urban India. Our goal is to reach 800 million of the most underserved populations in the developing world with cutting-edge, technology-enabled primary healthcare solutions within next five years. Innovation is the thread that binds our thinking and philosophy.

Join our journey in transforming healthcare through innovation.